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The works of contemporary architecture should be observed with the same interest and respect that is reserved for ancient monuments and, probably, the Italian architects with whom I worked have appreciated my experience on cultural heritage. Now that I live mainly in Japan I compare myself with great enthusiasm with the architects of this nation and with their elegant works. 日本語


I am happy to have worked with magazines like Casabella, Abitare or Domus because with them I have formed my style, first drier and now even hotter and more popular because, finally, contemporary architecture, thanks to the internet, begins to interest an audience always more vast than thinks that examples of beauty are not only found in the past. 日本語


At the age of 23, with my first work for the photographic cataloging of cultural heritage, my "mission" was taken to spread, through publishing, the culture of the ancient visa no longer as a museum object or as a dumb building but as a living place. In Japan, I am more focused on contemporary but I hope I can also work with ancient art and architecture. 日本語


Hotels like some cafes are an excellent example of architecture and art that involve all our senses and this is what I try to convey with photographs. In these places you can find the synthesis of "the art of living" the luxury that in Italy is expressed with a noisy baroque splendor and in Japan with silent and elegant sobriety. 日本語


I have often set up exhibitions to present books with my photographs and sometimes I work on projects that I propose to publishers or gallery owners. Now I am concentrating on two exhibitions: the first will show the Japanese an unprecedented Italian landscape characterized by the architecture of the last 20 years. The second includes an exhibition in Italy on contemporary Japanese architecture. 日本語